What Causes Extreme Allergies?

By Karen Reed

Allergies come with all sorts of symptoms and in varying severities. For some of us, it means a slight irritation or small rash that appears. We can have some swelling and minor discomfort. Others can experience major swelling, pain, and life-threatening symptoms.

It seems there are allergies to almost everything in the world. While peanuts and nuts (peanuts are legumes, remember) are the most common, gluten, dairy, soy, and wheat are now heard of on a regular basis. Allergies have become so much of a problem that schools are banning certain products and workplaces ask their employees to think about the type of products they bring for snacks and lunches.

Some of the allergies can be difficult to work around. Airlines must ban all peanuts because of the severity for some people. Just breathing in the scent of peanuts can set allergies off.

But why do we have these problems? Just where do the most extreme allergies come from? The more we understand, the more we can work around the allergies and the symptoms.

Here’s a look at what causes extreme allergies and what you can do about them.

Scientists Don’t Have All the Answers

If I’m completely honest, scientists just don’t know the answers. They have no idea why some people suffer from allergies more than others and why some of the symptoms are far more serious. In fact, scientists don’t completely understand why some people even suffer from allergies in the first place!

It doesn’t make it easy when we’re all different, and we all have some different symptoms. Some people will come out in rashes on the skin, while others experience swelling. And to make it even harder, some of us outgrow our allergies! It’s been regularly noted that children can overcome certain allergies, especially dairy and soy allergies!

There are others who will find age leads to worse symptoms. Some adults will even notice allergies that they didn’t have as a child.

With everyone being so different, it’s understandable why scientists and researchers struggle so much. They never get the same results in studies, and there are just so many allergic reactions that can appear. Plus, some of the tests would be inhumane and immoral. Is it worth putting someone at risk by setting off an allergic reaction to test the symptoms and severity?

There are just so many limitations in research that mean results just cannot be trusted in full. Researchers must look at past reports, which may not have the full details for various reasons!

The Reason Allergies Occur

One thing that researchers do agree on is the reason for allergies to occur. It’s not that the food or items are harmful to the body. The problem is the immune system thinks that the items are dangerous.

Our immune systems create the antibodies to fight against what they perceive as threats. This leads to swelling and irritation to fight against the actual non-harmful entities.

The allergy symptoms that you get are side effects of …read more

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