Tips to Taming Springtime Food Flings

By Lisa Robins

The Valentines are still gobbling up the last of their sweet treats. C’mon Mommies, who can’t resist those yummy chocolate marshmallow hearts? Even I can admit that!

In all seriousness, we are about to officially land on that sunny, exciting journey that steers our helpless hands to a never-ending path of pigging out. The “Spring” time of year is about to begin, when literally everyone is invited to endless barbeques and parties that try to fill our six-packs with too much food. Empty calorie-packed gatherings on the weekend, at the pool and on the beach disguise our biggest diet distractions ready to attack, not to mention pastel-colored holidays, studded with yummy candies and sweets.

Like me, I do not doubt that many of you spend countless hours in the gym, each and every week, aspiring to metamorphosis your physique into something statuesque and spectacular. Justifying that donut that you secretly inhaled by adding 20-minutes of extra cardio on the treadmill just doesn’t cut it! In fact, that is as big red cross off your fitness survival list.

At work the other day, a friend had me hysterical as he coined this disorder as “Exercise Bulimia”. We cannot workout to eat, we need to eat smart calories to fuel our bodies that will energize us throughout the day. Bottom line, your nutrition goal is to consume a diet full of whole, clean foods that will compliment your fitness routine, encouraging you to push your strong body to the next level of physical success.

Fight Temptation

The biggest problem you will face by saving your appetite for a party is the urge to over-indulge on too much food, simply because you are hungry. While the food looks amazing and probably tastes great, try to eat a small meal before you arrive so you fight the temptation to eat everything in sight. At barbeques, look for grilled chicken and simple salads and understand that even one glass of wine can add over 100 calories to your meal. Moderation is key and be committed to keeping portions small and lean when eating foods that are outside your daily plate.

Be Prepared

If you are not pre-planning by having healthy food on-deck and available to you everyday, you are setting yourself up for failure…no joke! We’ve all been here…You start to feel weak, your blood sugar drops, you are starving and you are not prepared with nutritious foods that are ready to eat. Disaster strikes and you grab whatever is in front of you, helpless and weak. Ten minutes later you are completely disgusted with yourself after inhaling those 2 big, fat slices of pepperoni pizza! Oh, the guilt is just killing you inside as you realize that one very wrong meal has absolutely deleted the hard work you completed in the gym the day before. Not only should you invest in some sturdy plastic, top-locking containers that stack securely in your fridge, you need to make time to plan your meals for the week so they are ready to go. Be …read more

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