This Mom Breastfeeds While Working Out

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Mama does her squats while breastfeeding her 18-month old daughter.

This mama takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. A proponent of child-led weaning, Monica Bencomo does her squats while breastfeeding her 18-month old daughter.

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bencomo is a lifestyle and fitness coach. Since exercising and breastfeeding are her two most time-consuming responsibilities, she’s decided to combine them. Lucky for us, she shares her fitness-breastfeeding journey on Instagram.Â

The caption in the above Instagram photo reads:

“1) Yes, I’m still breastfeeding Ariel. She’s 18 months. She feeds several times through day and night.

2) My diet is high protein with whole grains and healthy fats. Oatmeal, avocado, and lots of water is great for milk supply.

3) I believe in baby-led weaning. So, I’m not in a rush to wean her since she’s still so interested in breastfeeding.

4) We co-sleep so nighttime feedings are convenient.

5) She only bites when I let her fall asleep on the boob at night.😲ðŸ¤� Other than that, she knows to keep those teeth to herself!”

She told Cosmopolitan, “I know I could [have dropped] my kids off at the daycare and [gotten] a good, uninterrupted workout in, but my kids [were] happier this way, and it [worked] for us.”

Find some workout-breastfeeding inspiration in these badass moves:


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