The Heat Is On For Best Diaper Wipe Warmers (Making Wipes Just Nice for Babies)

By Alan T

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Changing diapers is a repetitive and long-drawn activity for mothers. But there are other needful things moms need to be aware of other than just changing diapers. One of them is the use of the diaper wipe warmer which is becoming an essential baby product for the modern moms. In this article, we will look into why use a wipe warmer, safety tips and which are the best diaper wipe warmers to buy.

Baby vs. Adult Body Temperature

An interesting fact unknown to many is that babies have warmer temperature than adults. For moms-to-be, this info seems irrelevant in relation to changing diapers. Well, if you are using wipes every diaper change, chances are you will see the relevance of diaper wipe warmers

Understanding Your Baby’s Temperature

A baby spends nine long months in the tummy before delivery. They feel secure and warm inside the mother’s womb. You will notice babies still look for that same warmth after coming out into the world. A mother’s embrace or a blanket wrap brings coziness and warmth.

Back to the matter of temperature, babies have yet to develop the ability to regulate temperature. That is the reason why little broods yearn for blanket swaddles every time even during the hot days of summer.

​Moms who are new to the parenting game will usually detect the temperature issues during the early stages of using wipes. It causes panic when their babies’ shriek and cry whenever wipes touch their skin.

​At first, moms would assume something is wrong with the baby. You will soon realize the frequent crying has something to do with the cold feel of the diaper wipes. Then you begin to ask if the remedy is warm wipes and if so, are wipe warmers safe?

Beating the Cold


It would be important to understand the natural temperature of babies and how the best baby wipe warmer can remedy your baby’s reaction to the cold situation.

  • For babies, room temperature equates to cold temperature. Babies are startled, and experience heightened discomfort with diaper wipes even under room temperature.
  • There is an icy feeling, if not a sharp sensation when you wipe your baby’s bottom. That triggers the unabated crying during every diaper changing episodes.
  • A diaper wipes warmer is the solution to your baby’s unsettling or startling reaction to ‘cold’ wipes. It is a compact storage installed with a heating mechanism to warm up your fresh baby wipes.

In a nutshell, it assures you of a warm …read more

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