Taboo Topics – Things Nobody Told Me About Pregnancy and Beyond

By sarah dyer

“Nobody told me…(fill in the blank)”. How often have you said this or heard one of your girlfriends say this about something pregnancy or post-pregnancy related? While pregnant with my first child, I felt like I was saying it all the time.

I polled some of my closest friends to find out what they went through that they weren’t expecting during pregnancy and their baby’s first year. Here are a few of ours – the good, the bad and the ugly (and in some cases extremely ugly). Sometimes you don’t need advice, you just need to know that someone else has gone through the same thing. We can relate.

  • Contrary to what they told you in high school, it is actually extremely difficult to get pregnant. It may seem as though everyone you know talks about how they weren’t really trying or it happened on the first try. For every one of those stories, there are dozens of stories of heartbreak and frustration with conceiving and infertility consultations that go untold.
  • It is also, unfortunately, very common to miscarry, but it isn’t talked about that much, so when it happens to you, you feel like no one else understands what you are going through and everyone else had it easy. I heard a quote the other day that applies not only to this, but to life in general: “Stop comparing your behind-the-scenes life to someone else’s highlight reel.” How true is this? We really have no idea what goes on in everyone else’s life, only what they choose to tell us. So while we think we are the only ones that are going through something difficult, chances are we are not alone.
  • Once you get pregnant the fun is just beginning. You already expect your body to change; there are pages and pages of detail on that. But the gas, the snoring, the drooling, and the leg cramps while you are sleeping, at some point its like come on already. The upside though, is that these conditions are not permanent. Not so, in the case of skin tags and the small moles that creep up out of nowhere. Those don’t go away. As far as completely unexpected body changes, one of my girlfriends’ boobs leaked while she was pregnant. The poor thing was at work and had nothing to cover herself up with except a notebook and some toilet paper stuffed in her bra. Pregnancy and parenting often requires a little problem solving on the fly.
  • Some simple notes while you are preparing for your delivery. Do not bring your pre-pregnancy jeans to the hospital. They will not fit. They will not fit for a while. Don’t be depressed, just be happy you’re getting some longevity out of those maternity clothes you bought. As far as the actual delivery, just an FYI…you will also have to deliver your placenta, which apparently is like delivering …read more

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