How to Get Rid of a Nasty Cough: Winter Solutions

By Karen Reed

With the icy wintertime weather often comes that a nasty cough and sickly feeling. You know what I’m talking about. You wake up with a headache, likely a sinus headache from all the congestion and mucous buildup. It is that throbbing feeling on each side of your head, your temples, that just will not go away. Any added pressure is seemingly going to put you over the edge. You want no noise and minimal light. Your nose is half of the time stopped up, half of the time running, sometimes both simultaneously (I hate that!). But the worst thing about how you are feeling is that dreadful cough. You would like to cough that nasty gunk up and get it out of your chest, but the annoyance of a unproductive cough may just not be worth it. Each blow stings your throat, creates pressure in your chest, and makes your head hurt even worse than it already did when you woke up in the morning. The cold, bitter air adds no relief to the discomfort. Maybe you are not even running a fever, and your less than sensitive boss is just not going to let you stay home another day. You have an important meeting coming up. It is a test day. The kids must be somewhere. There are so many times that you just cannot afford to feel this terrible and keep coughing like crazy. So, what are you going to do?

There has got to be a way to get rid of a nasty cough during the winter. Good news for all of you, there are! There are many solutions to explore today for you to try as soon as possible. There is no cure for cold/flu, but there are ways to reduce the symptoms.

We should go ahead and get started. I know you are ready to start feeling better soon!

First, are you wondering why your cold and cough seems so much more prevalent in the winter? There are many explanations and controversies, but one reason is that people tend to spend more time indoors during the colder season. Huddled up in the same under-circulated air bundled up with multiple warm bodies is the perfect breeding ground for infection. Upon infection, because of the close-knit human contact during the winter, spreading the bacteria or virus happens easily, bouncing from one sore throat to the next. The infection response of the body is to pack full of that awful mucus and drain it all back out. Unfortunately, that power cough comes with an “under the weather” price. Let’s find ways to feel better and say goodbye to the uninvited hacker.

Six Winter Solutions for How to Get Rid of a Nasty Cough

Take Some Medicine to Make Coughing Easier (Expectorant Meds)

Of course, the body knows that the purpose of coughing is to get rid …read more

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