Everything You Need to Know About Stomach Flu and How to Avoid It

By Karen Reed

Every winter stomach flu does its rounds. There are children off school, and that leads to a whole household ending up sick. It’s time to take steps to avoid it completely or at least focus on reducing the symptoms if you do end up catching it.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to keep your immune system in working order. These steps will help to limit the virus or bacteria affecting your body and help to kick the illness right away. Other steps will help to lessen symptoms quickly, boosting your body’s immune system to kick it as soon as it hits.

By learning everything you can about stomach flu, you’ll know if people close to you have it. You’ll be able to help your kids naturally and focus on keeping others in the home protected.

I’ve Had the Flu Shot, I Won’t Get the Stomach Flu Right?

There are many misconceptions about the flu shot. People believe that because they’ve had it, then they won’t get any illness going round throughout winter. The problem with the flu shot is that it isn’t perfect.

It’s a vaccination against the most common types of flu passed around every year. There are many other strains, and stomach flu isn’t one of those strains covered by the flu.

Does that mean that the flu vaccination is worthless? Not quite. It will help to keep your body protected against the most common types of flu out there. Since your body isn’t fighting against them, you’ll find that it can fight off other types of flu more effectively.

Yes, you could lessen the symptoms or the risk of catching stomach flu, because your immune system isn’t working double time. However, the flu shot isn’t going to guarantee protection.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a stomach flu shot for adults at the moment. You’ll need to take other steps to avoid getting this annoying virus.

Is Norovirus and Stomach Flu the Same?

You may have heard the term norovirus passed around and noticed that there are some very similar symptoms to stomach flu. The two are actually the same thing.

More accurately, norovirus is the name given to the range of viruses that cause stomach flu. There are other names linked to noroviruses, such as rotavirus (commonly in babies) and astrovirus.

The only norovirus that has a shot is rotavirus. This is because it can be extremely dangerous for children to get it, so it’s best to offer some sort of protection while their immune systems are still developing.

Norovirus is one of the easiest viruses to spread. In fact, if one person has it in a crowded place then almost everyone in the area will end up with some symptoms. Not everyone will get the same symptoms or to the same degree, but they will still have to fight off the virus in their bodies. This is …read more

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