5 Weight Workout Combos to Stronger Upper Arms

By Karen Reed

When losing weight, we tend to focus on the stomach, thighs, and butt. These are the common problem areas for women.

It’s okay if those are problem areas for you. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on them, but have you thought about your arms lately? We commonly hear the term “bingo wings” after losing a lot of weight. Our underarms get saggy and weak, because of the excess skin from the fat loss. Our shoulders can look skinny and weak compared to the rest of our bodies.

Now you need to build your arms. It’s time to sculpt and develop the biceps, triceps, and more. That means you need the right types of exercises.

When it comes to the arms, you need to do weight exercises. Here are five weight workout combos that you can follow to strengthen your upper arms today.

Make Sure You Have the Right Dumbbells

While there are some body weight exercises that you can do, the best way to build the arm muscles is through the use of dumbbells. You only need 5-10 lb dumbbells in your home – and there’s no need to go to the gym to get them. As you get used to the weights, you can use heavier dumbbells to boost the muscle strength. There will be lighter dumbbells, but you want to focus on at least 5 lbs to start with to work at your arm muscles.

Don’t start off with dumbbells that are too heavy. You’ll run the risk of pulling muscles and damaging various parts of your arm. Lighter dumbbells and more reps are just as good. You can alternate between weights if you want to work on strength quickly and effectively.

You may also find an exercise mat is good. You can get relatively cheaper foam mats if you prefer them. The mats help to ensure stability during the exercises.

The best thing this about many of the exercises on this list is that they’re easy to do from the comfort of your own home. In fact, some of them can be done at the desk!

Here’s a look at 5 combo arm exercises you need to do.

The Press-Up Plank Press

Start by laying on your front with your arms palms down and by your chest. Sitting them shoulder width apart is normal, but you can push them closer together to work on the biceps more. Getting your arms wider will work on the triceps and shoulders more.

Have light weights close to your hand positions, as you’ll need to grab them while in the plank position.

Push yourself up into the plank position and hold it for a couple of seconds. Grab one of the weights with one hand and lift it to your chest. Put the weight down and repeat on the other side.

Lower yourself into a press-up and push yourself back into the plank. Repeat the exercise five …read more

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