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Myths About Morning Sickness 0

Myths About Morning Sickness

By ds_50558 Pregnancy is wrought with old wives’ tales. Whether they are culturally driven or stem from patterns within a family, these myths persist and can sometimes be frustrating to those currently enduring the...

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10 Fast and Free Exercises For Busy Moms

By Stacie Mahoe Two of the biggest reasons moms give for not exercising are, “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have money to join a gym or buy a fitness program.”But those “reasons”...

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Sweat-Proof Makeup You Can Wear to the Gym

By Jennifer Rice From workout-ready mascara to a 10K-worthy foundation, check out these sweat-proof makeup products created with the gym-goer in mind. Image: Getty Physicians Formula The name of this tinted moisturizer says it...